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U/Pb whole-rock and mineral dating of the Falkenberg. The results are in agreement with the results of Rb/Sr and K/Ar dating. U/Pb whole-rock and mineral dating of the Falkenberg granite in northeast Bavaria C. Carl 1, 1. Wendt 1 and J.1. Wendt Z 1 Bundesanstalt f Geowissenschaften.

Rb-Sr whole rock dating of acid rocks Acid tuffs, in contrast. - J-Stage These older ages are interpreted as due to relicts in the zircons. Rb-Sr whole rock dating of acid rocks. As a general rule it is assumed that Rb-Sr whole rock isochron systems are relatively re sistant to metamorphic alteration.

Rb-Sr whole rock and U-Pb zircon datings of the granitic - Co-Action. The rocks are also folded, and show a beginning schistosity in the pelitic layers. therefore does not correspond to the time of sedimentation, as one would expect from most of the interpretations given in the literature. Conformable age has been obtained by Rb-Sr whole rock dating. A Rb-Sr whole rock age determination of the shaly phyllites from the Deilegga was.

Isochron Dating - Talk Orins The whole-rock samples appear to be only slhtly disturbed by a later event, which is documented by fission-track ages of the apatites (about 50 Ma). A brief introduction to isochron dating methodology. snificant scatter into the isochron plot if any measure other than whole-rock is made.

K-Ar dating, whole-rock and Sr-Nd isotope geochemistry of calc. U/Pb and Pb/Pb isotope ratios of 10 whole-rock samples, 3 K-feldspars, 3 muscovites, 3 biotites, and 7 apatites from the Falkenberg granite (northeast Bavaria) define a three-dimensional discordia plane yielding intersection ages of. The K-Ar whole-rock dating of these rocks range from 37.62 ± 3.33 Ma Middle Eocene to 30.02 ± 2.84 Ma Early Olocene for the andesitic.

Rb-Sr whole-rock dating of late diagenetic to. The same result, within analytical error, of 326±17 m.y. Title Rb-Sr whole-rock dating of late diagenetic to anchimetamorphic, palaeozoic sediments in southern France Montagne Noire Authors Gebauer, D.; Grünenfelder, M.

Whole-Rock K-Ar Model and Isochron, and Rb-Sr, Sm However, dates derived from zircons scatter between 320 and 360 Ma. Whole-Rock K-Ar Model and Isochron, and Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, and Pb-Pb Isochron, "Dating" of the Somerset Dam Layered Mafic Intrusion, Australia by Andrew A.

Rb-Sr Whole Rock Dating of Metamorphic Events in the. Was obtained for Lower Ordovician sediments (zone C), which show a schistosity not only in the pelites but also in some psammitic layers. A whole rock Rb-Sr isochron age of 0 \pm 40$ million years has been obtained for granitic gneisses of the lesias Complex in the La Grita region, southwestern.

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